Chetna (Consciousness)

Chetna (Consciousness)

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"Roop Vermas interest in being a high status performer so far has been superseded by his interest in Nada yoga and on how music can influence the human psyche. This gives his music an extra dimension and you a feeling of being in 'safe hands', especially if you seek the meditative in the music."

From a review by Mikkel Nordsoe, musician and composer

The CD contains:

    1. Raga Kiran Madhvi - 40:22 min
    2. Raga Gujri Todi - 20:07 min
Note: This CD contains music, not instruction in yoga.

Artists Roop Verma (sitar), Subhash Sarkar (tabla), Jiri Mazanek (tamboura)
Media: 1 CD
Duration: 60:27 min
Publisher: Atma Lotus Music, USA