Awaken to Dawn

Awaken to Dawn

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"The sound forms recorded in this album have been derived from the Sacred Music of ancient India. They have been a vital source to heal and balance the mind-body connection for centuries" 

- Roop Verma

"Real music is not for wealth, not for honors, not even for the joys of the mind - but a path for realization and emancipation." 

- Ali Akbar Khan

The CD contains:

  • Raga Paraj - Before Dawn 29:02 min
  • Raga Lalit - Dawn 29:33 min
Note: This CD contains music, not instructions in yoga.

Artists Roop Verma (sitar), Arjun Verma (svarmandal), Tracy Verma (tamboura)
Media 1 CD
Duration 58:35 min
Publisher Atma Lotus Music, USA