Tratak stick, hand made

Tratak stick, hand made

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Candle holder made of wood and stainless steel with adjustable height for the concentration method Tratak. It is handmade at Haa Retreat Center in South Sweden.

As the tratak sticks are handmade there may be small variations in the appearance.

Tratak is a proven cleansing and concentration technique from the yoga tradition, which with regular use, can provide better vision, peace of mind, quality of sleep and increased concentration. During Tratak you, among other things, gaze steadily at a candle flame. This removes tension and prevents headaches. Scientific research has shown that Tratak increases the body's production of melatonin.

At the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School we use Tratak in our teaching. With us, you can learn this technique under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Read the article about Tratak: Concentration

Height: 57-100 cm
Materials: Wood, stainless steel
Origin: Sweden
Suitable for candle size: 25 mm ⌀